Support the Pantry

Volunteer at the Pantry
The Pantry could not operate without our volunteers. Volunteers accept food from donors, issue receipts, unload vans and stock shelves, drive clients to and from the Pantry, deliver food to clients who are unable to get to The Pantry, and pick up food from area grocery stores, farms and orchards. They also help by shopping with customers as well as loading food into their cars. If you would like to volunteer contact Mimi or Laura at 540-987-5090.

Monetary Contributions
In addition to our volunteers, our financial donors are essential to keeping The Pantry running. While donations of food are always welcome, The Pantry can often buy more with a dollar than you can (due to the discounts we receive). Monetary donations can be made here on our website or if you would like to send a check please mail your payment to:

Rappahannock Pantry
PO Box 55
Sperryville, VA 22740

Donate Diapers, Perishable Foods, Pet Food, and Toiletries
The Pantry is always in need of Milk, Eggs, Butter, Sliced Cheese, and Ground Beef. In addition, the Pantry needs Peanut Butter, Jam and Jelly, Hearty Soups, Canned Meat and Tuna, Pancake Mix, Coffee, Tea, Cooking Oils, Ketchup, Mustard, and Syrup. Finally, the Pantry accepts personal items like toothpaste and other toiletries. Feel free to call (540-987-5090) and ask what we need to put on the shelves this week. We are always ready to accept donations!

School Supplies
The pantry accepts donations of school supplies. See the school supplies list for more information.

Add a Few Items at the Corner Store
The Sperryville Corner Store allows shoppers to buy items for the Pantry at a discount and delivers them here for you.

Donate Some of Your CSA
Going out of town? We’ll pick up your shares while you’re away! Can’t use all your food this week? We will gladly take it. Call 540-987-5090 for more information.

Organize a Collection
Start regular collections at your church, civic organization, or business.

Hold a Benefit
Several groups have held dinners or special events to raise money for the Pantry.

Hunters for the Hungry
The County will pay to process deer donated to the Pantry. Hunters can call 540-522-2896 to arrange to meet at Muskrat Haven Farm. We accept a multitude of different meats.

Gardeners, please plant a little extra and/or donate your excess harvest of vegetables, fruit, and eggs. We accept a variety of seasonal produce which can be dropped off at any time during donation hours (see our contact page).

Spread the Word
If you know someone who is hungry, please tell them about the services available at the Pantry. For those who are more fortunate, tell them about how they can support the Pantry.


The Rappahannock Food Pantry Annual Report

At the Rappahannock Food Pantry we are committed to not only helping those in need, but to also ensuring accountability to those who so generously give to support our efforts.  As part of this commitment, we are happy to present our first Annual Report.